3 Oct 2014

3rd October 2014

Friday 3rd 56-66F, 14-19C, overcast, misty, damp, light SE winds. Started with a 2.7 mile walk. Lots of geese going south in noisy, untidy gaggles. Several hundred failed to make even a half-decent chevron as they bunched and wandered around the sky heading only in a general direction. It was interesting to see how they made space for wanderers to return to the line. Several, smaller flocks followed over the half hour it took me to reach the woods and return to the road. Their sense of aerial geometry was rather more obvious.

The hearing in my left ear seems to have returned. A journey in the car with the window slightly open must have been to blame for the temporary deafness. Though it is possible I have had a slight cold. This would better explain my tiredness tiredness and general feeling of being bunged up.

I keep looking at the cardboard boxes on the shelving in my shed and wonder why nobody sells shallow plastic tubs instead the standard storage item? The usual deep tubs are useless for racking. If they are filled with bike bits they become far too heavy to handle and difficult to search. Leave them half empty and you need two tubs instead of one and the racking is now full of tubs but half full of fresh air. Large, shallow, storage tubs are made to go under beds but they are far too large for normal racking. They'd also weigh a ton if filled up to the brim! I keep looking at the tubs in the various superstores but still haven't found anything remotely useful. Surely there must be a huge market for shallow tubs! There's a punny joke in there somewhere.

This strangely sunken road would be called an ancient track if it was in Gravely Blighted. It seems to go from nowhere to nowhere else in particular. Gå [pron. go] is Danish for walk.

Went out after lunch. Very mild, so I soon had to strip down to my racing jersey and shorts. The wind was much stronger than forecast. So I shall be seeking a refund if I can find the right queue. Cruising at 18-20 mph  going. More like 10-12 mph coming back. Another goodly wodge of shopping. Only 16 miles. 

Saturday 4th 56-63F, 13-17C, windy from the south and SE , full sun. I walked a large loop through two woods for 5 miles in 2 hours. The sound of sporadic shooting and dogs barking had me a little worried but there were no warning signs up. It is expected to gust up to 30mph later. They were right. It was rather windy with a headwind going and tailwind coming home. Going well despite my hip aching. Though pleasant enough, it didn't become as warm as promised. Somebody fired a gun behind the hedge, right beside the main road, as I rode past a farm. I jumped out of my skin and may still be suffering from PTS as I scribble at the keyboard! 15 miles.

Sunday 5th 51-63F, 11-17C, brightening, light winds expected to gust to "only" 20mph  from the south and SE later today. I still haven't decided on a suitable target for a ride. In the end I stripped all the junk off the Trykit and pumped the 4000S tyres back up to 90psi. Then headed north along the prettiest lanes for 25 miles. Having reached Særslev I looped back further west to avoid a direct headwind coming home. Which I seemed to avoid until the last five miles.

The Trykit,  fitted with a Carradice Junior saddlebag, poses casually near Gamby at 25 miles. I took the opportunity, and extra road width, to consume my mature Cheddar, cheese roll.

Gorgeous countryside, gentle sunshine, very light traffic and cool enough not to break into a sweat. Though I am an absolute martyr to the late, heavy bombardment of conkers and hazel nuts. They litter the roads for miles. These things are sent to try us but we won't mention the plague of small flies. Sunday is not a good day for photographing pretty old  houses. Far too many cars parked in front! The trike felt lighter and more responsive than usual without the Abus lock. Though the new sense of freedom faded as the miles passed. Going well today with no obvious fatigue. 46 miles.

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