29 Sep 2014

29th September 2014

Monday 29th 50-63F, 10-17C, grey, very misty but it should clear quite soon. Very light winds forecast. I have finally broken the 5000 miles/8000 km marks but rather too late in the year. I should never have mentioned punctures! Punctured on a hedge clipping. Probably one of my own! Another day. Another 3 mile walk as the mist slowly burnt off. Sometimes when I stop it is so quiet that it seems almost as if I have gone deaf. Until, that is, I start walking again and the birds scatter in panic at the sound of my Salomon "Shriek and Squeak" boots.

A perfect day for a ride. Though I left it too late to make a real day of it. I didn't have enough food for a longer ride anyway. So turned for home at 30 miles.

The lake at Langesø where I paused for a mature cheddar, cheese roll. A stately home and associated, original farm buildings sits right on the lakeside. Surrounded in beautiful, hilly scenery covered in its own forest. A popular area for walking, jogging and cycling. With many different routes laid out through the woods. 
I enjoyed the very hilly lanes as far as Søndersø with my shadow on the road ahead. Then looped on the dead flat lanes to the next village beyond and across to Særslev. From there it was straight into the sun using the most picturesque route home. No ill effects from yesterday but my right quad felt a jabbing pain now and then but soon passed.

The half-pint sized windmill at Sndr. Esterbølle has been smartened up but I forgot to take a photo due to avoiding local farm traffic. The area around there could easily pass for an English parkland around a large stately home. 50 miles. Plus 6 more miles running an errand. I still had plenty of miles left in my legs.

Tuesday 30th 55F, 13C, heavy overcast, light winds, raining. Forecast to rain all day. They were right! Rest day.

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