16 Sep 2014

16th September 2014 "Greenest government ever" gets red card from fellow MPs!

Tuesday 16th 58F, 15C, windy but becoming sunny after a cloudy start. Promised to blow hard at 30mph again later. Grrr.

I was just reading on the BBC News website that Cameron's "greenest government ever" cannot offer the minimum legal standards of air quality in London until [at least] 2030. They were actually taken to court by their EU partners [in crime] for failing to improve on air quality. In fact air pollution is getting worse in the UK after a steady, but slight reduction, up until 2013.

Never mind about cycle helmets being made compulsory... What about free gas and particle mask dispensers for cyclists and pedestrians at every city bus stop? The obvious pressure to finally do something really real about making cycling safer and easier in Gravely Blighted must occupy Cameron's and Boris' every waking hour. Or not.

They could always park the new aircraft carrier in the Thames. Save on fuel as they take off for their daily exercises over Britain's major cities. That will surely solve all of Britain's problems at a stroke? All food for thought in the capital of 2/3 [formerly] Gravely Blighted [Now Broken] New Britain?

They could always follow the Chinese example and close Britain's cities to motorised traffic on odd and even days depending on the vehicle number plate. With exceptions in the case of Party Members, the state police, industrialized sex slave drivers and vast military convoys actively putting down public unrest with live ammunition, of course. I am referring to China here. Just in case there was any doubt. We wouldn't want the NSA-GCHQ [Asymmetric Siamese twins] monitoring my blog for performing treasonable acts on an adult tricycle.

I wonder if they can enter a tricycle of doubtful colour in their global databases? It could bring the whole system crashing down if they can't tell violet from cerise or even damson. I know I can't. God knows how they'll cope with Shimergo! My wife swears a Reaper drone passed over our garden last week. And then there's the regular military helicopters...  The charges? Inciting tricyclists to ride on the pavement in a city?  I wonder what the Danish is for treason? I'd better ask for an independent translator. Or claim refugee status. That usually works.

Hmmm... I know I'm in permanent exile over here but perhaps I ought to fire off a  suggestive  suggestion Tweet to Our Former Great [and] Beloved Leader? As long as I remember to tick the box for "Do not track" it should be safe from prying eyes.

Rather windy but sunny for my early ride of 7 miles. Have to go out again. Gusty crosswind. Some farmers were having a seed drilling competition with several very large machines trundling up and down. Probably close to a million pounds worth of kit and they couldn't afford a shovel and broom to clear up the mud they left on the main road? 12 more miles.

Wednesday 17th 57-67F, 14-19C, windy, mostly sunny. Rode to Assens. Cruising at 18-25mph going. 10-12mph coming back home. Wearing only cycling shorts and a short sleeved racing jersey. I tried wearing a finely knitted cycling jersey once this month and it was far too hot. A farmer was using the road to turn round with his tractor and plough at the end of each row. He just reached the road after crossing his field and had to brake to let me pass. I stood up deliberately to ride over his muddy mess. It must be illegal, surely, even in Denmark, to deliberately cake the road with 4" of mud?

Four items supposedly on special offer were not in stock. These days the supermarket staff automatically blame their suppliers. Lies, damned lies and [Danish] supermarkets? Suit yourselves. They will. No point in pointing out that I had just ridden 32km to take advantage of their "special" offers.

I have been reading that 2014 could be in the top 3 for global temperature. Scientists suggested the increased annual ice loss would make a mountain 5 miles high the size of Manhattan Island. Just to give the deniers something to think about. Do they think about anything? Except the backhanders from the coal and oil industries, of course.

It has certainly been very mild here this year. Fortunately without it becoming too hot. A sort of warm wave rather than a proper heat wave. I'm really not a hot weather person. So I'm probably due for early extinction. Middle of September and we haven't had to light the stove once yet. It has been falling to 70-ish overnight indoors. With a maximum of about 75F. I've only needed a very thin, down duvet once so far and that was far too warm! Back to spinning like a top under the duvet cover alone. All thanks to the foot of rock wool insulation I installed when I rebuilt the roof. Shame we still have to burn the furniture every winter! 22 miles.

Thursday 18th 58-68F, 15-20C, quite windy, high, fluffy cloud clearing to sunshine. Promises to reach 20-22C again.[68-72F] I feel the need for another proper ride but the strong, easterly wind inhibits my usual enthusiasm. Walked up to the woods and looped around an overgrown trail. Two young deer were grazing and bounded off after a pause to see what I was going to do. A pair of raucous jays made a swift exit too. Lots of fungi at the moment. 3 miles.

It was warm and sunny as I rode north east into the wind. I used the narrow lanes and hedges for shelter as I tacked across gorgeous countryside. Using only the bright sunshine to guide me. Came back by another route with a much more favourable wind.

As I was travelling through a narrow village road a moronic builder nearly took me off! His van was facing the wrong way so his activities behind his van were completely invisible. Not only that, but he was unloading long, cladding boards from his completely invisible trailer. Not by the logical method of anti-clockwise rotation but the complete opposite. Sensing danger I swung wide just as the black belt in drooling idiocy swept two planks the full width of the road just as I overtook. Having done so he dropped the boards onto the pile from chest height to make a huge bang like shotgun going off! So taken up was he with his task that he had used up his life's quota of remaining brain cells. Leaving none to watch for passing traffic [me] which was being forced to the opposite side of the blind bend on the narrow road. If he saw me at all he certainly showed no reaction. Perhaps he was pissed? Many builders carry crates of beer to see them through the day.  
I saw two two red deer grazing and a large, buff, bird of prey with high aspect ratio wings. Lots of cattle with young in the fields. Going well but rather tired and a bit saddle sore towards the end. Lack of food as usual. Took loads of photographs to have some in stock for my blog. I passed the spot where they were having seed drilling demonstrations. The main road was still plastered in hardened mud. Arrogance and indifference in equal measure to a public which pays them billions for their muck spreading activities. Let's not dwell on the multi-resistant bacteria breeding farms and industrial scale animal torture. This is the unnelected EEC dictatorsheep, after all. 49 miles.

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