9 Jun 2014

9th June 2014

Monday 9th 62-73F, 17-23C, bright with a light breeze. It should be warm and sunny all day. I have mild hay fever and have gone deaf.

My walk was more than usually rewarding today. Three fox cubs were playing on the track to the woods. I had the usual problem of not being able to get close enough for a picture because they were so wary. This image was taken at full zoom, heavily cropped and into the sun. So has lost much of its sharpness. This cub stared at me for ages. While the other cubs kept disappearing into the crop and wrestling in the grass. They were moving too quickly to allow a shot of all three. I have seen an adult fox in the same place on the path. These foxes will have a very long walk to find any sheep to worry. A task usually reserved strictly for the farmer's own badly trained dogs where sheep are commonplace! Sheep are so completely unconcerned by foxes that they hardly glance up as the fox crosses their field in broad daylight. Their very young lambs are at far greater risk from crows and the farmer's routine idiocy. Warm and sunny for my afternoon ride. Only 10 miles. It was a bank holiday but the supermarkets were stuffed with customers.

Tuesday 10th 72F, 22C, warm and sunny with high thin cloud and rather windy. The violent lunacy, which is commuting, returned with a vengeance today. The first vehicles I met were a car overtaking a box van overtaking a scooter. All on a narrow, undulating road with double white lines and blind spots. The blond in the overtaking car must have been travelling at 70+mph as she passed me on her way to her pointless appointment with an early death. These idiots seem to forget that their doppelgängers are frequently coming the other way and behaving equally moronically! Though there are a remarkable number of solo, fatal accidents in Denmark. These usually involve trees stepping out into the road to catch them unawares. I suppose we should really blame the trees for their irresponsibility.

Posh wedding carriage at Helnæs Kirke.

The number of fox cubs had grown to 7 today! The mother was resting in the long grass in the middle of the track. While the young wrestled, pounced and popped in and out of the dense crop. I knelt down to watch them for a while but couldn't get close enough for decent pictures. I am not sure if it wasn't two families. Four cubs disappeared into the left hand side and did not re-emerge. While the others continued playing on the right. Then the mother finally rose and went off left. Leaving a couple of the more independent cubs to explore on their own. I tried sneaking up on them by hugging the edge of the crops but they both disappeared before I was close enough for a snap. No doubt the record warmth has provided perfect conditions for bringing up lots of cubs. The birds also seem to be around in huge numbers compared with the norm.

I went for a short ride before dinner. Two fuck-wits (sic) were using both sides of the road, crossing double white lines by half a car width, at twice the speed limit, leaving opposing and overtaking[!] traffic, on a blind bend, with nowhere to go! But these two morons were having a serious race and had quite low profile tyres. So that's all right then.

Then five kids came out of a side turning in the village, on their bikes, without any of them giving so much as a glance towards the oncoming traffic on their side. (Me!) I went wide to overtake the gaggle only for some other drooling moron to speed through the village on the wrong side of the road between double parked cars which were completely blocking both cycle lanes. [Again!!]

The supermarket had no stock of its special offers for the second day in a row. Then I couldn't get my loaded trike out from the cycle rack because (a) the supermarket was using most of the available car and cycle parking for displaying its fenced off (and unwatered) summer plants and pots crap. (b) Fat, idiot girls had blocked the narrow exit space from the bike rack with their bikes. Being as fat as a houses they wouldn't want to waddle the extra yard, now would they? Not while carrying several ten gallon drums of sugar, water, toxic colouring and fizz. [Burp!] Their pock-marked [cellulite enhanced] thighs might spontaneously combust from all that excess friction!

Only seven miles today but is seemed like a hundred sharing the road (and my world) with such morons in this heat. We maxed out at 78F, 26C today with high humidity and the threat of thunder. Then we had a power cut. Not that air conditioning is a feature of Chez Hovel as I sit here in 85F heat [30C] typing furiously (sic) to the competitive singing of several bløødy blackbirds! Did I ever tell you I'm not a warm weather person?!!? I'm sure I must have mentioned it before. :-))

Jun 11th 62F, 17C, overcast, suddenly very dark, tipping down with thunder and lightning! The forecast is rather unsure but it should clear up this afternoon. Germany has had awful weather! Let's hope we don't get the same! A rest day.

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