16 Jun 2014

16th Jun 2014

Monday 16th 59F, 15C, breezy, bright but overcast. No ill effects from yesterday's ride.  Nor foxes on the path to the woods today. So you'll have to make do with an image of four cubs from the last time I saw them. The mother was hidden in the long grass.

Just another shopping trip. 14 miles.

Tuesday 17th 66-71F, 19-22C, sunny and still. A pleasant walk through the other woods.  Lots of crop spraying going on but the very light wind was in my favour. 4 miles.

A warm, hilly ride for 24 miles. My legs were a little tired today. Somebody released my front wheel Q/R while I was out. It's a good job I'm not in the habit of popping wheelies! They couldn't steel the wheel because I always lock it to the down tube. Plus 4 more.

Wednesday 18th 64-70F, 18-21C, still and sunny. I was mixing concrete (by hand) all day so only had a short ride late afternoon. 7 miles. Blowing a gale.

Thursday 19th 54F, 12C, windy and overcast with fine drizzle. Summer is cancelled for the moment. 10 miles.

Helnæs fyrtårn [Lighthouse]

Friday 20th 60-68F, 16-20C, windy and sunny with lots of fast moving clouds. Only 8 miles so far. I hope to go out again after dinner. I had confirmation of the reason for my feeling that I lack some wind. I seem to be allergic to quite a few normal things but my volume is still fine for my age and height. Short of moving into a clean room there isn't much I can do except press on regardless. Plus 20 more miles later. Much sunnier but blowing a gale. At least 30mph.

Saturday 21st 55F, 13C, windy and overcast after a sunny start. The wind is supposed to be even stronger today [40mph] so I ought to go out early. Then catch a tailwind home.

 I must be psychic talking about password protection for bikes: Mobile phone OS are finally to have "kill switches" to undermine the international trade in stolen iSlaves. No doubt this is an early insurance ploy to avoid the thieves cutting off the arms of the owners of the latest iSlavelessthansmartbutridiculouslyfashionablemegasizedplasticwatches. No doubt the queues are already foaming (sic) amongst the brain dead iConsumers.

The latest wearable iToys are supposed to measure the vital signs of wearers. Perhaps to tell whether they have just consumed another ten gallons of toxic Croak while stuffing their oversized faces at the nearest takeaway. I read that the watches will come in various sizes. No mention (so far) of how far the wrist bands will stretch.

I wonder if the factory manager's watch sensors can measure the vital signs of the iSlaves in Asia after they jump off the factory roof? Save time ordering an ambulance when you can go straight to the undertaker for a cardboard coffin. No doubt there will be an app for that too. They can call it Googlebox. Whatever.

Rode to shop at Assens. The usual problem with no stock of special offers. The high street was closed to have a junk market. Packed with meandering people. The promised tailwind had turned northerly and rather spoilt the ride home. I was getting quite seasick from watching waves race across the tops of the crops. 22 miles. Plus 7 more later. I hate it when the wind is this strong!

Sunday 22nd 61F, 16C, sunny but still blowing a westerly gale. My morning walk through the woods provided a a close view of a hare and  two medium sized deer. The deer were about the overall size of Great Danes. They dashed off to about 30 yards away and pretended to hide while they nibbled the undergrowth. It seems wolves are moving back to Denmark. I wonder how that will affect solitary walkers.

The wind was just as strong later in the morning. It put me off riding very far. The last leg straight into a headwind, while loaded with shopping, was very hard work! Only 20 miles. 

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