1 Mar 2013

853 Longstaff trike on eBay

George Longstaff Racing Tricycle in Reynolds 853 with Shimano 105 | eBay

A really lovely George Longstaff Racing Tricycle in Reynolds 853. http://reynoldstechnology.biz/our_materials_853.php

These trikes are almost rarer than hens teeth.

Top Tube 54.5cm (c-c)
Seat Tube 56.4cm
Top Tube Stand over height 73.5cm
Would Suite 5ft 9 - 6ft 2.
Running 26" wheels to lower the centre of gravity and make cornering more efficient. Mavic Rims
Full Shimano 10 speed 105 throughout. It is not a compact chainset.

One Wheel Drive

Twin brakes on the front

This trike is dynamite - it just flys as you would expect with this specification. It is not for the faint hearted!

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I hope I have done justice to this pretty trike. A bargain at the starting price.
I have cropped and brightened the auction images for the blog format.
If only every eBay auction was companied by such superb photography! 

This trike remained unsold. Always a risk with a high starting price. [£700]

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  1. This is a fantastic trike and I remember seeing it on eBay, do not let it go for cheap!!

  2. Hi

    Is this trike for sale again?

  3. no i am afraid it is not for sale i enjoy riding it to much to sell