5 Apr 2012

Jack Taylor for sale on CTC

Jack Taylor Racing Trike


By revrob » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:28 pm

It is a 2-wheel drive machine, using Geoff Booker's Trykit conversion (see http://www.trykit.com)

The frame is made from Reynolds 531 and was made in 1979.

The frame dimensions are as follows:
Toptube - 56cm/22" (centre of headtube to centre of seat tube)
Seat-tube - 52cm/20.5" (centre of toptube to top of bottom bracket shell)
Downtube - 62cm/24.5" (centre of headtube to bottom bracket shell casing)
Headtube - 6cm/2.333" (centre of toptube to centre of downtube)

I am 5' 11" tall, with a 31.5" inside leg.

There is a dent in the toptube (which was there before I bought it), though this has no effect on the bike or its handling.

The spec is as follows:
Nitto Noodle handlebars
Ritchley 95mm stem (ahead, not quill)
Stronglight Headstrong headset
Campag Chorus 9sp shifters / brakes
Promax crosstop levers

2 brakes on front wheel
1 - Shimano R100 caliper
1 - V - brake with adapter (purpose built by Geoff Booker)

Tiagra triple Hollowtech 2 chainset (bearings outside the bottom bracket)
Shimano front mech (fully compatible with Chorus shifters)
Campag Champ Triple rear mech (long cage)

Mavix CXP33 rims
Maxxis Colombiere 23mm tyres

It is an excellent machine for an introduction to triking, or as an audax trike - for which the 2-wheel drive is a great asset.

The pedals and Carradice SQR block are not part of the sale.

This trike has some history. It belonged to a certain Mr Shutteleworth before passing on to Geoff Booker of Trykit fame. Who fitted his 2WD freehub system to it. Geoff used the trike to set quite a few records. It is now in the hands of Kevin Younge. The owner of the new upright triking forum:

on3wheels.myfastforum.org :: Index

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