4 Apr 2012

Longstaff Cyclon tandem trike on eBay

 Longstaff Cyclon tandem trike on eBay

George Longstaff Cyclon Tandem Trike/Tricycle
Excellent Condition
This is an adults unisex specialised bespoke, made to order tandem trike finished in white and black.
The trike is made for adults, but my 8 year old can comfortably ride on the rear and I would guess a child around 6 yrs could also ride on the rear, depending on height. There is also a removable strap and back rest attached to the rear seat which would help a child stay comfortably in place. You could always attach a child seat to the rear if required for younger children.
We have also added an additional child seat on the front of the frame with foot rests which a younger child could use (again easily removable)
There is a bespoke rack at the rear with a secure bag for all your gear
This is bike is great for adults and great for families, with the added stability of three wheels. It is a wonderful bike. If you have never ridden one before they do take a bit of getting used to, but the rewards are immense.
The bike originally cost over £2000 new.
Bike specifics:
26" alloy wheels
Truvativ Crank Triple Chainset
Shimano Tektro Double Brakes above the front wheel and disc on the rear wheels
Spram 4.0 Pro Gear Shifters (7 speed block at rear)
Spram 4.0 Rear Mech
Shimano Front Mech
21" frame at front and 18" at rear approximately
This is truly a lovely bike.
Collection only due to size

This machine sold for £510

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