23 Mar 2012

Longstaff tandem trike on eBay


"A great example of George Longstaff's craftsmanship. A tandem trike designed for a tallish bloke (5ft 10 +) and his shortish wife (5 ft +). Built in 531 tubing with all the touring equipment you could want.

Currently set up with Kiddicranks and a longer rear stem to allow a 6 year old to ride on the back . Original handlebars and stem sold with the bike for conversion back to traditional tandem if required. This is a simple exercise.

Words of warning if you have never ridden a racing trike before. These things shift. They are not like riding a bike.  If you have never ridden a trike before, do not expect to get on it and ride it a 100 miles. They take a bit of learning, but the rewards are immense and it is huge fun.

The bike has just been thoroughly serviced and sports new tyres and cables. It is 2 wheel drive with a diff, running a triple chainset, with shimano shifting through a 6 speed touring block. There are 4 brakes  - 2 at the front controlled by the captain and two hub brakes at the rear controlled by the stoker. That means that the stoker can slow you down when you start to go too fast!!

There are front pannier mounts and a bespoke rack at the rear for all your gear.

Measurements 27" at the front (centre crank to top of down tube) and 20" at rear. As this is a trike measurements are not so critical, but the captain does need to be 5ft 10 plus in this configuration. 

Online auction only. No buy it now. Collection is nr Redditch. Any questions please ask"

The auction closed on £721 after only two bids.

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