21 Mar 2012

Higgins/Trykit 2WD 'Ultralite' trike on eBay

Ends on 25th March 2012

 Sellers text:

"This is a Higgins Ultralite Trike with a TRYKIT 2 wheel drive axle.
Size is 21" measured centre of top tube to centre of bottom bracket.
The top tube measured centre to centre is: 22.5"
The stem is 90mm.
Bars and stem are both Cinelli.
The front hub is Ofmega with a nice alloy rim and 700 x 20c tyre
The rear hubs are either Longstaff's or Trykit's, more than likely Trykit because it has had the 2 wheel drive axle fitted (not cheap, check out their website).
Shimano exage sport rear mech.
Suntour front mech.
All operated by Shimano downtube shifters.
The chainring is a triple BIOPACE with 48t,38t and 28t. and the cranks 170mm
The rear cassette is an 8speed i.e. an 8 speed triple.
Fizik Gobi Wing Flex saddle,super comfy.
All in all a superb trike which handles really well. For me the Biopace does actually make a difference and is worth having.
Trykit are ,I would say almost famous and deservedly so for their superbly engineered 2 wheel drive axle and this is a fantastic upgrade to this machine.(check out their web site,they ain't cheap).
It all works perfectly and is serviced, greased and ready to ride.
There are a few scratches on the paintwork but nothing that detracts from it's overall appearance and nothing that spoils the integrity of the frame.
I have a total of 4 trikes and need to down size my collection to make way for other interests.If you're interested and this particular one doesn't float you're boat maybe another one I have will.
All the best and happy bidding.I'm realistic regarding values but at the same time I'm not desperate to give it away.
Payment by Paypal or cash on collection.
Collection preferred but would consider delivery for cost of fuel and time etc. to be agreed."



A lot of trike for not a lot of money. Perhaps for the smaller person? Imagine what it would cost to do up an outdated trike to this standard! Happy bidding. 

This trike sold for £321.

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