5 Feb 2012

Blue Higgins trike on eBay



Higgins trike 3 wheeler vintage for restoration or ride as is had this for a while and have never got round to doing anything with it it double front brake 10 speed etc as you can see has had parts changed over its liftime it is working and you can ride it as is of restore it back to its former glory all in all its a rare working ridable machine and what an experience it is to ride collect only on this item i,m afraid size is 22.5 inches center to top seat tube and 22 inches center to center top tube
viewing is available at most time just ask
collection is possible
international shipping is available please ask
selling some of my vast amount of bike parts collection after many years of collecting
international postage available

Since the cat is out of the igloo: I would suggest potential buyers treat this machine as a brazed-on Higgins conversion on an unknown donor frame. The frameset shows no obvious loyalty to Higgins' normal trike building. The solid, rear bar brace between the rectangular struts would have been a semi-circular tube on a real Higgins "Ultralite". So this started life as a conversion. The front fork, brake extension bar would also be hexagonal. I have seen Longstaff trikes with the round, chromed extension bar.

The numbers visible on the bottom bracket may offer a clue to the frame maker's true identification. 

Note that it is being offered for international bidders too.

Well, it went for £228 after 14 bids. 

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  1. If that is a Higgins I am an Eskimo!

  2. Hi Steve

    A difficult call. Should I warn people that it is probably a brazed-on conversion? Is it my responsibility to educate the unwary? Anyone who does not recognise the threaded rod, rear brace would have to be fairly ignorant of trikes to bid as if it were a fully original Higgins "Ultralite". It's probably still a reasonable machine. Or could be made into one at some expense. If the donor frameset is 531 then it is arguably more trike than conversion. I can't see any Reynolds labels or makers name or signature. So it probably had a repaint after the brazing. The patchy rust under the paint suggests a lack of undercoat or even no primer. Could the seller sue me for spoiling his auction? ;-)