26 Feb 2012

26th February


26th 29-40F, -1+4C, breezy, full sun, it stayed cold. The mushy ground was refrozen on the way to the bike shed.  I rode down to Helnæs lighthouse. That vicious golden retriever chased me for several hundred yards. I went up to 20mph and egged it on but it quickly gave up. The roads were white with frost until after 10.00 where the sun could not reach them. Some ponds and puddles were still frozen. Lots of birds to be seen. Including a Coal tit, Whooper swans and Buzzards. I wore the Aldi jacket and was grateful for its windproofing. The trike went very well. Lowering the saddle was beneficial without actually feeling much different. 10 kilos 22lbs of shopping. 40 miles. 

Cats waiting for a late breakfast in a secluded, four sided, cobbled farm yard.

Mr Higgins plays centre stage to Helnæs lighthouse. 
The total silence was broken by some noisy kids bored with sightseeing.
Several family cars overtook me going both ways within a five minute stretch.

Standing stones compete for attention with an azure sea.
The sea was still frozen in one sheltered inlet. 

27th 39F, 4C, heavy overcast with mist, rain and wind all day. I left after 3pm and messed up my route to fight a headwind for half the distance. At least it stayed dry. Though I was going quite well. I was actually making an effort and spent most of the time on the large chainwheel. My chest is  bunged up again. I'm wondering if there isn't some long term problem there. I do a lot of throat clearing and cough up jelly most mornings. I still managed 20 miles and came back with all my lights on for safety. It was getting very misty and almost dark by 5pm.

 When there are no straight lines.. what is upright?
An immaculately pretty, unspoilt farm.

28th 39-47F, 4+8C, windy, misty, heavy overcast. Fed the ducks on a pond. A figure-of-8 shopping trip. My right shoe is clonking. The BBB "Hardwear" overshoes finally died today. The neoprene ripped all up the side of the zip! Still wearing the Aldi jacket and SS gloves. I wouldn't need the windproofing if only the wind would drop! I was cruising at 25mph for a while going downwind. 8-10mph on the way back! The sun is struggling out now I am home! 24 miles.

Through the mists of time.

Today's Darwin awards: The headlines were bewailing the deaths of four young men in a car which tragically hit a tree at 100mph. Twice the legal speed limit in Denmark. The unlucky tree was on the far side of a cycle path.  There was no mention of whether the tree could be saved. This follows a drunken, girl driver killing a woman on a pavement. Then another young person who lost control and ended up in a lake. Survival of the fittest.

A buzzard is resting in a tree in the garden after being chased by crows.

29th 48F, 9C, overcast, misty, damp. My clothes, glasses, gloves and trike were saturated by the 100 yard mist. I couldn't keep my glasses clear for long. I stayed completely dry and reasonably warm in the Giordano jacket. My hands were warm and dry too. Fortunately I organised the wind properly today. So rode home almost effortlessly. Many lakes and ponds are still frozen. I saw the retired bike shop owner out on his bike. 22 miles.

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