22 Jan 2012

21st January 2012


21st 35F, 2C, sleet, windy, heavy overcast. Sleet and rain are forecast all day so it might be worth taking a rest day. Last rest day was 28th December. So only 3 weeks ago. It might clear up briefly at 3pm.Like an eternal optimist I set off into dying rain. The first five miles was okay.

The remarkable bends and slopes on this farmhouse and its barn are very real! They remind me of tents pitched on a very bumpy camping site.

Then it started raining heavily. The rain turned to hail driven by a vicious gale. The 1/4" hailstones stung my face and knees so much that I was sure I was bleeding. I cupped my gloved hand around my face and struggled on. Looking for any shelter. Eventually I found an overhanging bush and I could stop. Whereupon the hail stopped and it started raining again.

On I went until pale turquoise opened in the heavy grey clag. It brought a cold headwind but at least it stopped raining. Only 10 miles. I jumped straight into the shower to dry off.

 An unusual colour for a timber-framed farm but I think it works rather well. The steep roof angle shows that the entire farm was previously thatched. Though here it has been covered in asbestos cement, corrugated panels. A very common roofing material in Denmark. It had the advantage of not being so heavy that the roof needed reinforcement when changed from thatch. It was also, very much cheaper than thatch!

22nd 31-37F, -1+3C, breezy, sunny at first. The early sun was short-lived turning. quickly to overcast. The roads were thinly coated in ice. I pulled off to let the salting lorry pass on a narrow lane. It felt rather cold all morning. With the headwind picking up for a while towards the end.

I was going quite well at times despite my chest being a bit bunged up. My left thigh felt strained for some miles but it passed off again. 33 miles.

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23rd 26-34F, -3+1C, sunny, still. A hard overnight frost with everything white. The puddles were frozen again.
Winter is a bit of a joke this year. Though I have never seen so much water lying in the fields and woods. Wind turbines standing completely still. This is unusual. They seem to turn in almost no wind at all. My wife and I joke about how much imported, nuclear power electricity they must be using to make them turn in calm conditions.

Just another shopping trip. I keep having to change hats and gloves once I warm up. It must be the sunshine. Despite the neoprene overshoes and very thick, loop-pile socks my feet are still getting cold. Drawing my feet back in the shoes works wonders. Until I forget again. I really ought to try some thin shoe liners (innersoles) to stop the cold air being pumped through the shoes. It mush be the foot movements and leaky shoe plate fixings. My chest is still thick when I clear my throat.(which is often) But no pain. Nose like a leaky tap in this cold. Frosts forecast to persist for a few days. Better cold than wet! 20miles.

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