18 Nov 2011

Modified Ken Rogers on eBay

Thank you for viewing this item. I will do my best to bring it to life through words.

Firstly a bit about us, we specialize in vintage bikes and often find some interesting items that have been sitting in sheds for many years. We have a blog on Face book where you can see our work past and present and join in the fun of vintage cycling. I have set up a folder of pictures of this trike that you can view by visiting "burdekin and son vintage bikes"

(1) Burdekin & Son Vintage Bike Co.

This trike came to us from the wife of the original owner. Unfortunately her husband has passed away . he was a very keen racing cyclist and got into racing trikes in the late 1970's. he had two trikes , this one that was built in 1979 and another that has since been sold. 

 You can see that the trike has been modified, this was because the owner developed a bad leg and needed to lower to cross bar to enjoy riding. The bike was originally yellow and there is the remains of the Ken Rogers sticker on the down tube. The serial number is IKOR 28179.  If you follow this link you will see that the specification of this bike would indicate it started life as a Ken Rogers Clubman: 

Authors Note: This link takes me to the TA front page so there is something amiss on the TA website. Try clicking on Trike History>Rogers>Rogers Frames and Rogers Gallery.

Other than the frame modification and the paint as far as I can tell it is original and ready for you to bring back to it's former glory or use as the base of a project. I appreciate it is a great shame that the frame has been modified, however it has been well done and I have pumped the tyres up and blasted it down the road.. an experience and lots of fun.

The specification is:

  • 22" frame
  • Shimano 600 group set
  • 10 speed
  • Magfac brakes
  • GB handle bar stem
  • Shimano Q/R front HUb
  • Weinman High pressure alloy rims
  • one wheel rear drive
  • two front brake system
  • detachable rear rack
I will start the auction at a sensible price and lets see where it goes...

I think that is about it... I will respond to any questions and can arrange shipping at £50 in the uk or you are very welcome to collect or discuss me driving to you within a sensible radius of the new forest.

The text and pictures speak for themselves. I would just add that the trike could be un-modified into a gent's model by a skilled frame builder. However, anyone looking for a lady's model, or with a low step through height, might be glad of this modified frame. 

It's a shame that, despite all the images there isn't one square-on to the back axle. The square form of the rear reinforcing tube usually points to something interesting. (like a differential) Though one image does show a flat end to the right side half axle. Suggesting a simple one-wheel drive. 
It should scrub up nicely. As our American friends like to say. I have made what I can of the original photographs in PhotoFiltre. Increased all images in size to 800 pixels wide. Then boosted gamma and contrast to taste.

As a footnote: Google/blogspot is having a nervous breakdown over the text and layout of this post. I assume it doesn't like the format of the copied text from the auction. I have done my best. If the text is still too small try Ctrl+. 

The auction closed on £132 after 14 bids. An absolute  bargain considering how easy it would be to return it to a proper gents trike.  (If desired)

Click on any image for an enlargement.

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