15 Sep 2011

Lightweight trike or trike conversion appeal.


A number of Danes have contacted me asking if I know of a lightweight trike or trike conversion for sale.

They wish to compete under UCI Rules in the sport of handicapped cycling or paracycling (as it has become better known) There are a number of handicap classes depending on the rider's disability.  Trikes are the only manageable machines for some riders.

No doubt those who wish to compete have been inspired by the remarkable successes of Alan Schmidt.

The real problem over here is the complete lack of affordable, lightweight trikes in Denmark. Zero would be a close enough approximation! 

Most trikers are British. So naturally this is where the demand is for new and secondhand trikes and conversions. Most local trike sales are probably by word of mouth or local advertising. This obviously excludes anybody not immediately local.

The Tricycle Association Gazette and eBay(UK) are the only regular sources of lightweight trikes and conversions globally. 

The next insurmountable hurdle is that most British trike and trike conversion sellers stipulate pick-up only. Or British bids only.

Danes (and all others) are completely excluded from the only market in the world!

I am in the unique position of being British and living in Denmark and having a global readership of my triking blog. I have also imported my Higgins trike by winning an eBay(UK) auction. Then had it packed by a local bike shop then collected and delivered to me by an international courier. So I know what is involved. 

I am making this appeal on behalf of serious but relatively impoverished handicapped tricyclists: They certainly can't afford the several thousands of pounds for a new machine. Nor even the price of a new, trike conversion set.

So, I you know of an affordable trike or trike conversion then please contact me. We may be able to come to an agreement on a price and match it with a grateful recipient. I shall simply act as the go-between.

The accessories on an older trike can be completely outdated but if the frameset and wheels are usable we are interested. Surface finish and paintwork are unimportant. Second hand, modern accessories can easily produce an affordable, but still competitive machine. 

Note that new trike wheels cost as much as a complete tricycle on eBay. So they must be basically usable even if they need re-truing. Rusty spokes are not the end of the world if the hubs are sound.

I have no interest in making a profit from this appeal or any subsequent purchases or sales. I will simply act as the English/Danish speaking agent in procuring trikes, trike frame-sets, trike wheels and trike axle, conversion sets. Given this highly specialised market I do not expect to be rushed off my feet.

These trikes, trike frame-sets and axle conversion sets will be reserved for serious Danish, handicapped tricycle competitors only. Each trike or conversion set recipient will be carefully vetted for the seriousness of their interest in the sport. 

Skilled bicycle mechanics are available over here to resurrect any trike, frameset or conversion you might wish to sell. Nobody expects charity but the items must be basically re-usable and match your asking price. Naturally, the lower the price the better. 

Reasonably clear images (sent as email attachments) will be expected to confirm ownership of the items offered for sale. And, of course, to assess their basic condition and likely value.

The odd, slight dent and surface rust are not catastrophic if the asking price matches the condition of the item. We would prefer you point these out and photograph them to avoid any later acrimony. Though beggars can't be choosers.

You may even have a trike which is considered too tatty for eBay. Or that the paintwork is simply too awful to easily sell the trike locally. If you have, then please do get in touch.

A local bicycle shop can usually remove the wheels and pack a trike properly at a nominal charge. Then hold it until the courier arrives. (usually next day) The cost of packing and freight will be paid for by the buyer. Not the seller.

Sorry, but there is no interest in (two wheel) bikes. Donor racing bikes for turning trike conversion sets into trikes are readily available over here.  Nor are "handicap" trikes of interest. These are also readily available in Denmark and completely unsuitable for serious, paracycling competition.  

Thanks for your interest and patience, 


triker [at] nypost.dk

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