19 Sep 2011

Dawes tandem with Longstaff Trike Conversion

"This is a Dawes Super Galaxy Tandem (Reynolds 531) with a Longstaff Tricycle conversion."

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Offside view

 "It is in perfect working order. It has twin drum brakes on the rear, the left handlebar brake operates the right rear drum and the right handlebar brake operates both the front brake and the left rear drum brake. The tyres are solid tyres and therefore never get punctures or need pumping up. The front tyre is a 'Green Courier' tyre, size 27inches x 1 1/4inches. The rear tyres are 'Green Esprit' tyres, size 700mm x 28mm. It also has 6 speed Shimano Deore gears on the rear axle. There is also a rear rack."

Nearside view

 Rear view

Left side axle

 Right side axle

Three quarter view left

Three quarter view right

There seems to be a lot of interest in this machine so I have added it to the blog.

This is the first Longstaff, tandem trike conversion I have seen up for auction so far.

The auction closed on £330 after 20 bids.

The original, 500 pixel, auction images have all been enlarged to 800 pixels. Each image has had one touch of Sharpen, Gamma+ and Contrast+ in PhotoFiltre.

Click on any image for an enlargement.


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