11 Mar 2011

Red Racing Trike

Here's an oddity: Even the experts at the Tricycle Association cannot identify it:

Adult Racing Tricycle, 12 speed, low reserve on eBay (end time 20-Mar-11 20:07:17 GMT)

A racing trike of unknown make. If anybody knows anything about it do get in touch. The rear axle and large flange hubs are quite unlike the majority of British trike builder's wares.

As usual I am posting the images here to preserve them for posterity. Once eBay grows tired of displaying a past auction it all just disappears.

All photos are straight downloads from the eBay auction without any alteration. Left click for enlargements. Back click to return to the text.

Fortunately the seller has included a lot of excellent photos.

This interesting trike closed on £315.

Click on any image for an enlargement. Back click to return to the text.

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