8 Mar 2011

eBay Bob Jackson Trike

RARE, BOB JACKSON RACING TRICYCLE on eBay (end time 15-Mar-11 18:16:50 GMT)

As is my practice I add any interesting tricycles which come up on eBay. The idea being to keep a record of such machines long after the auction has ended and it all falls off eBay's website forever.

Overall view. Twin front brakes. I can see a Reynolds tubing label. Can't read it though. Probably 531 butted?

Original paint and labels look tidy.
Head lugs lined out in gold for a touch of extra class.

The rear axle shot: 27" alloys. 5-6 speed screw on block? Pretty paint looks best in this view.

 Side view suggests a small frame size. Seller suggests it is a 22".
Who am I to argue?

I have enlarged the eBay images.

This trike made £451 which is a decent price.

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  1. I'm looking for a racing trike any ideas ?

  2. Hi Gaynor

    Your trike choice will depend greatly on your location and your pocket. I can't advise if you are US based because I have no knowledge of any trike makers there. You might like to to set up saved searches for trikes or racing trikes on eBay and other small ads websites for your own country.

    You can have a trike specially built for you and sent almost anywhere from the UK. The minimum cost will be several thousands of pounds/dollars. Two very high quality manufacturers of hand-built trikes exist in the UK. Trykit and Longstaff are both highly respected specialist trike makers and wheel builders. They can also adapt their machines for disabled riders and their particular racing classes.

    In the UK you can follow eBay[UK] for a whole variety of pre-loved trikes. Used trikes may be more plentiful in the UK but quality and condition varies enormously. They can range from pre-WW2 to quite recent examples. Just like bikes, the accessories on trikes age rapidly with changing technology and taste. It can cost a great deal of money to raise an older trike to modern racing standards. Trike wheels can be built but racing will place particular demands on them. Not only in strength but lightness, with ever more emphasis on deep aero rims for low drag. The seriousness of the rider and the level of competition they choose to follow will dictate tubular tires or wire-ons [clinchers] and whether they should be carbon fiber or aluminium.

    Dare I suggest you join the on3wheels forum to seek expert advice but also to follow the very honest discussions of the used trikes which come up on eBay?

    The forum membership includes those who are new to trikes, racing on them and those have raced for literally decades, at all levels, Including club and international competition and the Paralympics. They are a friendly and well behaved bunch and will cheerfully share their knowledge with other members.


    Good luck in your endeavors.

  3. The image of the trike shows two centre pull front brakes. There appears to be a centre pull hanger bracket fixed to the handlebar for the second front brake. The image will not enlarge to show it in detail.

    Can anyone identify the bracket for me.

    Thank you.

    Can anyone tell

  4. Hi John

    The blog image was "borrowed" from an eBay auction around September 2012 so cannot be 'improved.'

    I have used the same hanger system myself by cutting one leg from a rear, center pull, hanger bracket. This very lopsided arrangement tended to pull to one side and the pull was not even directly over the brake but still worked. There was no room for both legs of a rear hanger to fit in the stem slot.

    If you are tempted to copy the idea do keep safety in mind. Your survival may well depend on it! Do NOT use aluminium if you decide to make a hanger yourself! It will fail VERY quickly!

    Here's what you need: A quick image search for center pull hanger bracket shows Rivbike offers straight, Nitto rear hangers which MIGHT fit handlebar stem bolts if the machined slot is wide enough. Though you could hang one under the head of an extended stem bolt with packing washers behind the hanger to adapt it to the stem bolt recess. ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Note that these Nitto hangers will NOT work with A-head stem/extensions.

    Perhaps there is a commercial center pull hanger made explicitly for these?


    1. John,

      SJS Cycles offers a stack of center pull brake hangers one of which might just be adaptable to stem bolt fixing.

      DO NOT try to thin down a hanger to fit in a stem slot!

      Your life depends on your brakes working without fail.