23 Jan 2011

Pat Kenny RIP


It is with great sadness that the death of Pat Kenny is reported. He died following a collision with a car whilst out cycling near his home on Friday, 21st January. Pat was a former tricycle End to Ender, and a multiple Record Breaker. In 47 years he had completed over ½ million miles on his tricycles. His total mileage was in the region of 910,000 miles. The Association’s deepest sympathy is extended to Pat’s wife, Hazel, his three daughters, and all the family.


From the Tricycle Association website 22nd January 2011.


  1. Pat was great. Always a smile on his face. Even after more than 4 years I am still saddened that he was taken from us. May you rest in peace Pat.

  2. Hi JD

    I never knew him [of course] but am still in complete awe of his incredible mileage.
    I suppose you could argue that he exposed himself to greater risk from a purely statistical point of view.
    Yet he survived for all of those miles until he finally met the car with his name on it.
    Let's be careful out there!