31 Jan 2011

Bob Jackson Trike

Trike Racing Trike BOB JACKSON Bicycle RARE Trike on eBay (end time 24-Nov-10 22:06:50 GMT)

I have just come across the bookmark and realised I did not post the images of this trike at the time. Just for completeness I shall post them now. This trike fetched £361 after 20 bids despite obvious cosmetic problems. Somebody wanted it badly enough to pay for it.

 Overall view. 21.5" seat and top tube will suit the smaller rider. Crisp red and white paintwork. Rear rack.

7 speed gears on one wheel drive.

Bottom bracket with original lining to lug shell. Some cosmetic rust but, with careful restoration, should not need a complete respray. The chainwheel and cranks look tidy enough.

Bob Jackson seat tube transfer.

 Steel hub showing a bit of rust.

Ditto the other side.

Mavic MA2 rims.

Handlebar grip and brake lever.


Click on any image for an enlargement. Back slick to return to the text.

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