18 Sep 2010

Lady Higgins

Yet another trike has come up on eBay. A 1965 Higgins Lady's model with Sturmey-Archer internal (hub) gears and Higgins specially extended axle reinforcing arrangements to match.

RARE VINTAGE HIGGINS TRICYCLE,3 WHEEL ADULT BIKE on eBay (end time 26-Sep-10 22:05:21 BST)

The lady's step-through frame would suit those needing easier access than the men's model when mounting the tricycle. Such a machine offers the advantages of the handicap tricycle but with much reduced weight. Making it much easier to manoeuvre when dismounted and much easier to pedal when climbing hills. At the same time it offers the fittest cyclist the full triking experience.

No doubt a skilled frame builder could easily change the top tube to a horizontal one if desired.  No new lugs are involved on a fillet-brazed frame like this one. The only practical downside I can see to the lady's model is not being able to hang a leg over the missing top tube when cornering hard. Though the saddle could probably substitute. 

I have enlarged the original eBay auction images in PhotoFiltre from 500 x 375 to 800 x 600. Slight increase in gamma and contrast have been applied to crisp up the images slightly when enlargements are viewed. However, lost resolution cannot be regained.

Overall view showing capacious rear basket.

Higgins Head badge

Left side overall view

Badged head tube, forks and brakes. (Centre-pull and cantilevers)

A close-up of the braking arrangements. Mafac 'skeleton' cantilevers on braze-on bosses on the forks with a Weinman centre-pull mounted up front.

Chainset, pump and rear basket. The small chainwheel will provide comfortably low gears.

Underside of eccentric bottom bracket showing serial number and shell clamping bolts.

The Sturmey-Archer internal hub gear and extended axle reinforcing loops. The design was intended to allow the standard S-A cable to be used. The same as on bikes fitted with these hub gears. The S-A axle is also supported on the right to resist the heavy loads applied through the chain by the rider. A remarkably simple and clever design which provides similar axle strength to normal trikes without much increase in weight. It also allows the use of a Sturmey Archer hub gear without any major modifications or the use of a lay-shaft. The SA hub gear was appreciated by many for its reliability and freedom from maintenance compared with dérailleurs.

The Higgins brass badge and the SA gear adaptor/extender on the right. The hollow, tubular adaptor is open on one side allowing the S-A hub gear to be bolted to one end and the left axle drive to the other. While still allowing both fixing nuts to be easily accessed with a ring spanner. (wrench)

For those of you wishing earnestly that this was a gent's model:
Just for a bit of fun I drew in a trendy, sloping, gent's top tube and "removed" the original top tube. Just to show how the trike would look as a gent's model.  All it takes is a bit of imagination and a skilled frame builder. No lugs required on a fillet-brazed frame. I'm sure Geoff Booker at Trykit could apply a little of his "magic" here. ;-)

This trike eventually sold for only £156. Probably the low price was due to the trike residing on the Isle of Man. The cost of delivery to the UK being a factor for many potential buyers.

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  1. I am filing all this information away in my mind...for the someday when I may need a step through trike. So far, so good. At 65 I'm having a new conventional frame built for Spring delivery. Excited.

  2. Hi Gunnar. Do you mean you're having a trike built? Tell us more!

  3. Hi Chris,
    Did Gunnar ever get his trike? Have you an update please. JD :-)

  4. Hi JD

    After scanning back several years of his many hundreds of blog posts there was still no sign of a trike.