1 Oct 2017

1st October 2017 It's getting worse.

Sunday 1st October 54-60F, damp start but light winds turning to sunshine. Not a bad day but too busy for a ride.

Monday 2nd 52-58F? Very heavy overcast, rain and gales. Not a pleasant day at all. No ride again. Tried to fix the recalcitrant washing machine for the third time but without luck. Both I and the machine, are martyrs to built-in obsolescence. 

Get your laughing gear around this!

Tuesday 3rd 51-?F, 11-?C. Heavy cloud and breezy. Another wet and windy day is forecast. It stayed dry for my walk as pheasants strutted their stuff out in the middle of the remaining stubble fields. Small flocks of birds moved restlessly between the tilled fields and the hedges. Many of them looked like Skylarks but they were too fast and distant to be sure. I've just realised this is the first day I didn't spot any swallows. I rode to the shops to avoid starvation and dehydration and returned heavily laden. 7 miles.

Wednesday 4th 51F, 11C, dark, heavy cloud and intermittently breezy. A wet day is forecast with high winds later. It stayed dry but rather windy for my walk. Past the marsh pond and the up through the woods. Where harvesters had obviously been busy cleaning the fire breaks of weak trees. There were countless mushrooms of all sizes and colours littering the floor of the forest.

A pair of deer dashed off as I exited the roaring beech trees and out onto the ridge. Then it was on down towards the main road via the last remaining stubble fields. A day of heavy rain but we didn't notice the promised wind. The temperature never changed.

A pretty Fly agaric mushroom in the woods.

Thursday 5th 47-50F, 8-10C, cool, dark grey and raining. More rain promised all morning. Possible showers this afternoon. The rain didn't stop all morning but it brightened up in the afternoon to sunshine. Leaving our 100 yard drive covered in standing water and every hollow in the fields flooded. The lawn has become rather soggy and is best avoided.

Afternoon ride for seven miles. First ride this autumn with leggings and my winter MTB boots. I was overtaken into the teeth of oncoming traffic, on a blind bend, by a deranged white van/minibus driver. The wheelchair lift on the rear suggesting that they were a cross between patient transport and mercy killers. I just pray no patients were aboard or it would have been a real, white knuckle ride! 

Friday 6th 47F, 8C, almost calm. Heavy, early overcast is moving away. Leaving broken cloud. The forecast is sunshine for this morning. It was a beautiful morning for walk. With a cloudless sky, bright clean sunshine and a light breeze. Luckily I wore my gaiters because the tracks were very wet and muddy after yesterday's heavy rain. I climbed a track in the woods towards the exit and took photographs of the flooded, stubble fields on the descent. The crisscrossed tracks from the harvesting provided added interest and reinforced the undulations of the corrugated landscape. A pleasant, sunny day. Spent tidying the shed. [Again?] 

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