9 Jan 2016

Saturday 9th January Whether the weather be fine or...?

Saturday 9th 32-36F, 0-2C, light winds, overcast. Yesterday was an all day affair of mist, snow, sleet and light rain. Will today's weather be the same? Dunno. Somebody forgot to put today's chart and forecast on the DMI website. What is an absence of weather? Something so innocuous that nobody noticed it was there? The DMI have now put up a notice to say that they are having technical problems.

A frosty, mostly grey day with a cold, niggling, south-easterly wind. I was trying to capture the moody sky and landscape with my camera. Despite back and hip pain I did my usual loop up to the woods. Except that I used the light covering of snow to walk on the fields. Lots of tracks from deer, hares and pheasants. Several birds of prey were resting in the treetops or moving away from my disturbance. The roads were quite icy in places where the slush had refrozen. I shall probably go out after lunch. Which I did, but only for 10 miles. Riding along re-frozen slush strips is a worry in case I puncture. My lower back and hip are still killing me!

Sunday 10th 33F, 1C, heavy overcast, windy with sleet or snow showers. I was going to go out this morning but it started snowing heavily. Possible window later this afternoon if it clears up as promised. The DMI seems to have fixed its toys so we are allowed to have pre-determined weather again. The weather seemed determined to be nasty. With snow followed by rain making everything extremely wet with standing water everywhere. Rest day.

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