2 Nov 2015

2nd November 2015 Call me misty.

Monday 2nd 50F, 10C, heavy grey overcast, misty and mostly calm. Oh dear, this means they will have to use electricity to make all the wind turbines go round! No problem, they can just use taxpayer's money. They have tons of the stuff just looking for a better home. Billions to be handed out, willy-nilly, to anybody who asks for it. Provided, of course, that they are not Danish, poor, old or sick. Time for a walk!

I walked for two and a half hours over some very rough ground for probably 6 miles through the forest. My latest charity shop walking jacket proved to be a mobile sauna. My clothes were literally sopping wet by the time I came home. My hip was hurting too so I must have overdone it. Silly old sod! The mist grew thicker as time passed. Not that it stopped the juggernauts drivers from speeding while using their mobile phones. One driver hardly glanced in my direction as I jumped onto the verge, so taken up was he with his fascinating conversation! Within 200 yards his vast lorry was completely invisible except for his bright red, rear fog light. It's nice to know these "professionals" of the road are concentrating hard when conditions are so bad! Very thick mist all day and my hip was hurting after my long walk. So another rest day.

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