8 Feb 2015

New triking video from Tokyo!

"A trip to the park"
An excellent new video from a tricyclist in Tokyo.
Lightweight racing trikes in Japan are probably as rare as in Denmark.
Video captured on [and off] a gorgeous Morris trike from 1963.
Best seen in 720p HD cinema/theatre mode.
Fullscreen viewing is enjoyable in HD.



  1. Great video.
    Never having ridden a trike it seems a bit hairy through bends and narrow passages.
    Have´nt ever seen a racing/touring trike in Denmark.
    The placing of body weight while steering is very similar to a mc. and sidecar.


  2. Great video.
    Having never ridden a trike it looks pretty hairy when cornering and in tight passages. I´m more into tandems.
    The positioning of weight when cornering seems to be much the same as with an mc. and sidecar. In other words, it takes a bit of learning.

  3. Hi Jeremy

    You are spot on with your comparison between a trike and a sidecar.
    Both require the 2-wheel rider's brain to be untrained to accept a lack of lean on corners.
    It takes better balance and acrobatics [than auto pilot on a bike] to keep all three wheels on the ground.
    Lifting a wheel is apt to become "very interesting" rather too quickly to avoid "the scenery." :ø)

    I have only very rarely seen tandems in Denmark.
    Probably about once every five years at a guess.
    The number of racing/touring trikes is probably even lower!
    Though there are certainly lots of mobility trikes about.