7 Aug 2014

7th August 2014

Thursday 7th 66F, 19C, almost still, heavy overcast, spitting with possible rain forecast all day. 2.7 mile walk mostly on the edges, or the spray tracks, of freshly harvested fields.

Spent the morning clipping beech hedges. Going for a ride after lunch. It keeps spitting without becoming real rain. It kept sprinkling me on the first leg but hardly a problem. The rain jacket did a 16 mile trip for nothing. Still can't get bottom gear on the cassette but the indexing is better than before. I'll have to put the trike on the stand again and sort the gears out properly. With the crosswind I was cruising at 18-20mph, at times, going both ways. Too early to say if the gain in speed is purely psychological. I detoured up a local hill to stretch the mileage despite having a great load of shopping in the bags.
Here's the stretched limo of Longstaff tricycles:

Presently on eBay with a £250 starting price: http://www.ebay.co.uk/stretched Longstaff

Sold for £345.

Probably unique. A very interesting construction by the master builder himself. Well braced for a safe ride when loaded. If the original box was discarded, or suitably modified, the rear could be arranged to carry small children or bulky, but lightweight loads. The only downside is not being able to see which gear you are in as you glance down.

Friday 8th 70-76F, 21-24C, warm, sunny and still. I am allowed out again! Riding to Odense. Warm and windy. 16 miles in the first hour. Then wasted time on the Odense road and cycle lane closures in the city centre. Odense Kommune seems very confused about glass recycling. I'm sure recycling doesn't mean spreading broken bottles on the cycle paths instead of gravel! Headwind coming back. I had lowered my saddle by 1/8" and it seems to have made my knees hurt. 41 miles. Going out again. Only 6 more miles. Warm and blowing harder than ever.

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