1 Jul 2014

1st July 2014 It's all downhill from here.

Tuesday Ist 60F, 16C, sunny with a light breeze. Thundery showers forecast [again.] By sheer luck we have missed all of the previously forecast, local, thundery showers. While some other places, not very far away, have had local flooding from cloudbursts. With giant hail to add some extra spice!

Four miles walk through the woods in an hour and a half. It stayed sunny, almost until the end, when it started to rain. I made a dash for it in case it tipped down. Fortunately it went off again. I had no idea I could still run. There were several hares on the tracks in the woods.

It was occasionally like being downwind of  a lawn sprinkler on my (deliberately hilly) way across country to the shops at Vissenbjerg. Bjerg means mountain in Danish and is very apt. All routes to the village of Vissenbjerg require a fairly decent climb. There is a high concrete [antenna] tower there which can be seen for many miles around. As I headed for my distant goal the sky was piling up with mashed potato and cauliflower mountains likely to rival the Himalayas in scale. Somehow I stayed dry and was going and climbing well again today. 19 miles.

Wednesday 2nd 61F, 16C, almost still, brief sunshine from a very cloudy sky. Just for once there are no heavy showers forecast. I'd better take a rain jacket! My 4.5 mile walk was punctuated by hares and a fox cub. (One who sneaked out of the crop after I had passed)

Oh, and a senile, old, registered blind, sociopathic drunk who tried to mow me down for the second time. Both times, when I have seen him, he has headed straight for me on the verge. Where I had quickly retreated on seeing him making a beeline for me on a dead straight road! You think my description of him too harsh? I only survived by waving my arms wildly. Just as I did last time he was on a direct coarse to kill me! Both times I saw his hands on the wheel wrench the car away at the last moment as if he were driving while half asleep. So that's all right then. His absolute right to drive outweighs a humble pedestrian's right to survival. How would he cope with a tricyclist going the same way? Don't ask!

A strong crosswind on my ride. Only 14 miles. White van man, from a famous business carpet and towel cleaning company, cut right across my path at a roundabout. Registered blind or couldn't give a toss? Suit yourselves. He looked straight in my direction but I was [allegedly] completely invisible in a blindingly bright yellow jacket while riding a tricycle? The day-glo jacket might become invisible to somebody who didn't care. Missing somebody riding a trike? Not very likely! You see more Unicorns than racing trikes in Denmark. He wasn't even in a hurry. Merely taking a leisurely tour right around the roundabout and then following my own route.

Interestingly (?) I am not allowed to clearly identify a bad driver in words, picture or video. Because this might violate his human rights in Denmark. I would not even be allowed to show a bad driver on a YT video which identified him/her clearly. Nor their registration/number plate! As is perfectly commonplace elsewhere. (Particularly on YT from cyclists in the UK)

I'm not allowed to do so even if I was actually hurt by a driver's deliberately poor driving behaviour. So the video evidence of poor driving behaviour would not be acceptable. Cuckoo!

A young chap was recently prosecuted and fined (in Denmark) for showing violent bullies in a video which allowed them to be clearly identified as attacking him. Cuckoo-cuckoo!

Thursday 3rd 59-69F, 15-21C, heavy overcast, rather windy. Possible showers this morning. My walk was rather chilly in the strong wind! Only saw a few hares and a family of six Hooded crows messing about on the lane. These birds are very common over here but I'm sure I don't remember ever seeing them in the west of England or Wales. A quick check of the RSPB website shows them as only resident in northern Scotland and IOM (and Ireland). With visitors from Scandinavia. Elsewhere in the UK only the all black Carrion crow is commonplace.

I'm leaving my ride until after lunch. When it is promised to brighten up with reducing wind later. No chance! It was blowing a gale! I was down to 15mph on a normally 30+mph descent. Then 6mph climbing back up. Only 10 miles. I wasn't in the mood for going any further in this wind!

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