29 May 2014

29th May 2014


Thursday 29th 52F, 11C, breezy and sunny. A bank holiday. With lighter traffic it should be a good day for a ride. A 3 mile walk in bright sunshine. Going out for a ride after lunch. Hopefully the cross-headwind won't be too much of a hindrance.

I was going well despite the wind. A cuckoo was calling in the hedge just above me when I paused.  I glanced up and it took off. Grey back, barred chest, long, slim, tapered wings and travelling fast. Then I saw a Red kite hunting on a marsh. It kept circling and hovering low. As if about to attack something in the reeds. Then a heron took off screeching loudly and put the other bird off. I kept going in case I was spoiling their dinner. 32 miles.

Friday 30th 55-68F, 13-20C, light breeze, sunny. The forecast is warm, with lots of sun, but rather windy. A warm 3.3 miles in an hour and half walk. I watched a deer grazing for ten minutes as I tried to creep up on it. It heard me open the Velcro tab on my camera case and was soon gone.

Oh dear, is that supposed to be a picture of a deer?

Then I fought my way through head-high nettles, butter burrs and sticky burrs on the end of an unused track to get back to the road. It took me 20 minutes to do quarter of a mile! I shan't try to go that way again until winter flattens the plants. The variety of wild grasses seems to be unlimited. The wind has picked up now. Rode to Assens to shop. Warm but windy. 19 miles.

Saturday 31st 60F, 16C, rather windy [20-30mph] and sunny.  My new SPD 'Trial' pedals have arrived to replace the rusty ones. If only all online dealers cared as much about service as Cykelpartner.dk. Free next day delivery to a Pakke-shop near you and prices which make other's look like one armed bandits. Beautifully packed including original manufacturer's packing. Even a couple of boiled sweets thrown in for good measure.

I'm still waiting for the other bits to arrive, in a week or two with a following wind, despite the strong arm tactics on P&P! Have you ever noticed that the higher the postal charges the slower the service?  I think I'll fit the new stuff on the Trykit when I finally get it back. Rather than putting it on the Higgins. Only for it to rust away in the shed until I finally need it badly. I had allowed the Higgins to become too unroadworthy to act as a useful lifeboat. Only 7 miles. May was not a great month for mileage! Though I had a lot of early morning walks. Walking seems to help with my right hip pain. I had no walk today and my hip has ached all day.

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