24 Mar 2014

24th March 2014

Monday 24th 32-47F, 0-8C, white frost, mist clearing, still, quiet and sunny.  I had a pleasant 3 mile walk in bright, warm sunshine with white frost underfoot. Even at such relatively low temperatures it is difficult to stay cool with anything more than a thin jumper over a T-shirt. I need cooler leg wear too.

My afternoon ride was all in bright sunshine but with a breezy crosswind as I tried to keep my cadence above 100rpm. It is easier with bare legs and I am already working on my tea-stained knees.

On the way back with the shopping I was overtaken after a two mile struggle by a lanky young chap. He ignored my greeting as he passed so I overtook him again and stayed in front for the next 5 miles. I kept dropping him on the hills and he caught me again on the descents. Are we having fun yet? I was distinctly overdressed for such messing about and drenched in sweat by the time I reached home. My shower was most welcome. Only 13 miles.

Tuesday 25th 32-46F, 0-8C, cold northerly breeze but mostly bright sunshine. Another overnight, white frost. Warmed quickly but the wind increased. Walked the three miles to the woods and back via the small lake.

Going out on the trike after lunch. A brightly coloured Bullfinch was decorating our tall hedge as I readied the trike. Despite the same air temperature as yesterday it felt bitterly cold. The wind had really picked up by the time I left. Not feeling very energetic today. Only 13 miles.

Wednesday 26th 36-43F, 2-6C, breezy becoming windy, overcast, early rain until coffee time. No walk.

Another cold, windy day. Left after lunch. I was only managing 12mph into the wind. Just touched 30mph on a descent with a tail wind. The tights went back on today. Only 10 miles.

Thursday 27th 40-43F, 4-6C, cold breeze, rather cloudy at times with watery sunshine. 5 mile walk in two hours mostly through the woods. I was too warm as usual.

Going out on the trike after lunch. A very pleasant ride in bright sunshine. I was caught by a much younger chap on a carbon bike. So I sped up from 16 to 20mph. He sat on my back wheel for a mile or so and then overtook. So I sat on his wheel as we cruised at 20mph for another mile until I overtook again as he eased off on a descent. Then he turned off in a village so I rode on into the wind. Later, a tail-crosswind helped me home. 20 miles.

Colour coordinated hub polishers in purple suede.

Friday 28th 38F, 3C, heavy grey overcast, almost still, rather cool. The easterly wind was a bit keen for my lighter clothing. Shelducks, Herons and ducks disliked my coming too near the pond. They circled and then settled again as I increased my distance. Judging by the number of spent cartridge cases adorning the grassy path the birds have very good reason to be nervous!

There was still a cold wind when I headed off on the trike. Just another day at the shops. Only 13 miles.

Saturday 29th 40-50F, 4-10C, light breeze, overcast. Where's our promised sun and 15C? I was planning a longer ride because of the expected fine weather and light winds. We'll be lucky to see 12C, 53F. It was quiet but the wind was colder and stronger than forecast on my walk. Huge numbers of birds around doing what birds do at this time of year.

I rode to a garden centre about 16 miles away and back again by a different route empty handed. Traffic not too bad and going there was by a much prettier and hillier route. I chased several cyclists out training but couldn't make any impression on their faster pace. The promised heatwave never transpired. It has peaked at 50F, 10C. The easterly wind felt cold even at 3pm mid afternoon. Though at least the sun has finally come out. 34 miles.

Sunday 30th 40-57F, 4-14C, thick mist at first, almost still. It is definitely brightening in the east. The clocks have gone forwards. Pleasant walk up to the woods and back another way. The mist is now almost gone.

Rode up to Bogense through variable mist against a gentle headwind to reach another garden centre . Bogense was very cold in thick mist! Probably due to an onshore wind. Small clumps of mist were going the other way like a Hammer horror film. Low cloud hung at half mast on the abandoned grain silos. My hands were freezing in my GripGrab "Windster" gloves!

Having shopped, I came back in mostly warmish sunshine with a tail crosswind. Now loaded down with two large plants in big pots hanging in a black, poly bin bag. They survived the journey very well with the bin bag sitting up in my big pink, sports bag for support. Lots of solo cyclists out training. Including a chap on a carbon TT bike who looked breathless and in pain. So he must have been really enjoying himself. Loads of motorbikes and special cars which had obviously heard the empty rumours about warmth and sunshine. 45 miles. Going out again after a sandwich, some fruit and nuts. Plus 6 more miles. Not one mile was covered today where the stench of pig shit could be completely ignored. My clothes stank of it.

Monday 31st 38F, 3C, thick mist, overcast, quite still. Sun and light winds promised yet again by the DMI. I'm going out now. I may be some time. <cough> The all pervading stench of pig shit fills the air as I open the door. It make my eyes water and my nose runs like a cold. I try not to gag. 

A damp walk to the woods and back in thick mist. Despite being completely unable to see head or taillights beyond 100 yards the racing commuter traffic was still moving at well over the 50mph national limit. Not one that passed had lit their rear fog lights. I stumbled in relative safety  along the littered, overgrown verges and took to the field's lumpy spray tracks at the earliest opportunity. Walking on the imprints of enormous tractor tyres is quite hard work but guilt free. Out in the rape prairie I was surrounded by a uniform wall of bright white mist. With no visible features in any direction.

The sun's disk is finally visible up above the mist at 11am! But has now vanished again. The mist has waxed and waned all morning. It is now after lunch and I can't put off my ride any longer. The mist finally began to clear as I rode to the shops with three rear lights flashing.

I could hardly believe the weight of the shopping when I arrived home. To the renewed stench of yet more weapons grade pig shit on the fields. My cycling clothes reek of pig shit as I undress for my shower. 19 miles. Welcome to industrialised dansk svinery. [piggery] Where not only the animals are tortured to make a [heavily subsidised] buck. The Danish exodus from the countryside continues and it doesn't take a genius to see why.

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