16 Nov 2013

Brooks Saddles open posh new London shop.


Cropped image borrowed from the Brooks Blog to show their extensive range of leather saddles.
A colour, style and width to match any trike and rider and all in the best possible taste.
Had I been in charge I would definitely have used a lipped, sloping shelf for the boxed examples below. 

If one wanted to be even more critical then Selle-Brooks should change to a hex-socket, nose tension screw on all models.

It is also very long overdue that the cheapest models used stainless steel rivets (or even hex socket screws and nuts ) instead of the present weak, very rust-prone, undersized, chromed steel. Which eventually rip out of the leather or the cantle plate.

Softer springs should be an option/standard on the sprung models. There are complaints on the online forums about the stiffness of the present springs making them pointless for riders under 20 stone.
Which suggests that Brooks has great foresight in catching the US obesity pandemic decades before it arrived.
Or, have badly missed a trick for the ever-expanding, off-road market. 

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