25 Jun 2013

Brooks B17 'Champion Special' in Antique Brown.


The dealer, from whom I had bought the B17 'Select' was kind enough to replace the previous unsatisfactory model with a B17 'Special'.  He also refunded the difference in price. The, otherwise gorgeous, 'Select' had unfortunately proved to be far too flexible. It had also turned banana-shaped in plan view. Cow hide, being a natural material, is subject to occasional unpredictability. While I was unhappy to have to return the beautiful 'Select' the replacement B17 'Special' is all one could possibly wish for in a saddle. Perfect craftsmanship without the artificiality of a machine-made product. 

This 'Special' is an absolute work of perfection. Since I already had a 'Honey' B17 Special I had requested the 'Antique Brown' this time. I hope you can appreciate the colour from the photographs. These were taken late afternoon on a heavily overcast day. I boosted gamma and contrast to liven up the images a little.

Brooks have presentation down to a fine art now. They know their audience appreciates the care which goes into the product. The thoughtful packaging may seem like guilding the lily, to some,  but it also has the purpose of presenting the saddle to the customer in perfect condition and in the correct style. Gentlemen's tailoring and handmade leather footwear is the intended theme. While most traditional leather and steel saddles have their own unique character, Brooks has it in spades. The hand beaten copper rivets are beautifully finished. Showing truly remarkable skill with a hammer.

But, that's enough waffle from me. Enjoy these images of a handmade product of the highest quality:

Click on any image for an enlargement.

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