25 Oct 2012

Brown Higgins on eBay

Higgins | eBay

 Text: This was given to my father about 25 years ago and has been hanging in my garage roof for the last 15 years or so. Its a 1961 Higgins Ultralight 22in from centre of the BB to centre of the top tube Frame number 9895. It all works fine and rides well. It has an extension brazed onto the forks to fit a centre pull brake . This works but has no blocks in at present. The canti brake works fine. There is some surface corrosion and it really needs a repaint but it is fully rideable .
   I would accept a £50 paypal deposit and the rest on pickup as you really need to have a look. Having said that I am willing to box it up and send it if you wish ( I would have to work out a price for that) . Good luck!

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