22 Jul 2012

Wiggins, Froome and Cavendish

The dream actually came true:

Wiggins won the Tour de France. The first Briton ever to do so.

He also held the Yellow Jersey for longer than any other British rider.

He led out Cavendish twice to help him win stage sprints. A fitting tribute to the World Champion and a public show of thanks for the help he gave as a team mate and super domestique.

Froome came an excellent 2nd just behind Wiggins by only 3 minutes. Froome is a great rider in all disciplines who should be very high in the GCs in the cycling classics in future years.

Cavendish broke yet more records by Winning the last stage in Paris. For the fourth time in a row. Completely Unprecedented! He also won the sprint as the Rainbow Jersey wearing World Champion. Again this has never occurred before.

He is working his way steadily up the list of cycling greats as he wins more stages and more sprints than past heroes. Doing so as a British rider into the bargain.

The only criticism is that they all made it look far too easy. Particularly Wiggins. Who sat in the front of the Peloton making it all look much too effortless. Perhaps he can be persuaded to take acting lessons in struggling against insurmountable odds?

At least/last Wiggins proved he has a real sense of humour. On the rostrum he suggested they were going to announce the winning ticket holders. I imagine his win must be rather like winning the lottery. Probably against very similar odds with rather similar rewards.

I'm sure I have forgotten some aspect of the historical importance of all these British riders' performance in this classic race.

Let us hope that it leads to a resurgence in interest in cycling in Britain. 

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