3 Jul 2011

Restored Higgins


John C has kindly sent me some images of his superbly restored, Higgins trike. 

Looking downright gorgeous in a beautiful red with classical, white, seat tube bands. Red was always my favourite colour.

The larger frame sizes always look particularly sleek. This is a 24" racing thoroughbred. Note the neat front hub brake. Which avoids the usual clutter of twin brakes in front of the forks on a trike.

A close up of the smart, Shimano 105 drive train. The rear wheels sport Trykit alloy hubs, Mavic CXP22 black, aero rims and Schwalbe Stelvio tyres.

 A new "Built by Higgins in 531" seat tube badge looks superb against the crisp white banding. I have just realised that these badges must come in various colours to suit the paintwork.

The essential Higgins 'Ultralite' downtube signature in flawless italics oozes quality and adds the vital touch of originality. 

A closer view showing a tasteful selection of modern, dual-action lever technology. A classical, light tan, Brooks Swift leather saddle and matching handlebar wrap. The saddle bag is a Carradice Barley.

Regular readers of my blog may recognise this trike as having been plain, dark green at one point:


I must say that I much prefer the restored trike by a very large margin. The white detail set against timeless red and the new transfers are simply beautiful. Bob Jackson of Leeds is responsible for the superb finish and varnish-affixed transfers. The transfers themselves came from Chris Hewitt (Cycles) the Higgins expert and spares supplier.

The Tricycle Association - Higgins Spares

Bob Jackson respray webpages:

Prices:          Bob Jackson Cycles
Colours:       Bob Jackson Cycles
Shipping:     Bob Jackson Cycles 
Respraying: Bob Jackson Cycles

If anyone else would like to share some images of their trike they can attach them to an email. To:  triker@nypost.dk 
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  1. Hi

    I was the guy that sold this trike on ebay. I love what has been done to it and wish I had had the forethought to have done the same. Well done to the new owner and Bob Jackson.

    I brought the George Longstaff Trike subsequently: http://pedal-trikes.blogspot.com/2011/04/853-longstaff-on-ebay.html, which I have just finished equpping with 105 - it flys

    Let me know if you want pictures to show the disenters of its colour scheme how great a trike it is

  2. Hi

    Thanks for getting in touch. It would be great to have some pictures of your latest project to share on the blog. It should be quite a lightweight in 853.