3 May 2011

Trykit in Reynolds 953

Ivan Haynes, the owner of this superb Trykit delta trike in satin finish, Reynolds 953 stainless steel has kindly shared some images. I believe this was only the second trike ever made out of this exotic material. The workmanship is truly amazing. The craftsmanship that of the true artist. It weighs a mere 21lbs complete with 27 gears.

I am delighted to be able to show these images here. I knew the trike existed from Geoff Booker's Trykit website but I could hardly just borrow his images to post here. Those images which have appeared I have obtained permission for and relate to Geoff's excellent 2WD system.

General view showing carbon forks and wide ratio gears. Radial spoked front and cross spoked rear wheels. A neat, side entry brake is hidden behind the forks. Ideal for avoiding the brake cable colliding with the down tube on turns. Dual action, racing, brake/gear levers.

Rear view emphasising the shapely curves of the chain stays, cross bracing  and axle loops. The joints are flawless. The conical bearing housings are beautifully elegant. Small bosses are provided for a removable, rear rack. A Trykit 2WD system is fitted.

The gentle slope of the top tube is nicely understated. I was brought up on horizontal top tubes so probably have very outdated ideas about sloping tubes. Low top tubes do have very real advantages on a trike when tackling pavement ramps at an angle. With the amount of traffic about today it isn't always possible to line things up neatly and take ramps straight on.

The rear wheels rise suddenly and completely out of unison. Rocking the top tube and saddle fiercely from side to side between one's legs. It pays to lift off the saddle to avoid a very rough ride. The lower the top tube the less overall movement thanks to the smaller radius from the centre of the rear axle.

The superb finish on this trike should last indefinitely. The usual paint chips and wear and tear will never mar the finish over time. Reynolds 953 stainless steel is wonderfully light yet stiff. Though reported not to make for an uncomfortable ride. No doubt the carbon forks aid comfort over rough surfaces. What a superb machine! I am most grateful to the Ivan for sharing his good fortune in owning this Trykit.

Geoff Booker of Trykit is certainly offering some of the most sophisticated delta, upright trikes in the world. His workmanship is superb. He builds not only frame sets in a wide choice of tubing but also hubs, wheels, axles, 2WD systems and complete trikes.

More images of this mouth-wateringly beautiful trike can be seen on the Trykit website, with others, at:

Oddly this link only works in Chrome and IE on my computer. Firefox refuses to show many of the images on the Trykit website. Even describes the individual referring links as broken! I hope you have more luck with your browser.

I am most grateful to Ivan Haynes for sharing these images of his gorgeous trike.

Postscript: My own Higgins "Ultralight" weighs 31lbs when fitted with a lightweight saddle. To have a fully equipped trike fully 10lbs lighter than one built with Reynolds 531 tubing is absolutely phenomenal!

PPS: Out of interest I weighed Mr Higgins today in full formal dress. Complete with shopping bag, lightweight waterproofs, rack and tool kit. It came to 38.5lbs or 17.5kilos! I often carry 10lbs of shopping uphill and down on top of that. It's no wonder I can't keep up with these young chaps who are out training on their lightweight racing bikes. :-)

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