2 Nov 2010

Veloce trike on eBay


A new trike, by Veloce, has turned up for auction on eBay. Yet again my eBay saved searches didn't notice it. So thanks for the tip, Steve.

I haven't heard of Veloce in the trike context. Though Alan has mentioned that the head badge is the same as that of the Velocette motorcycle company.

[Edit] Added after the auction ended: There is no record of Velocette ever having made bicycles in the modern era. I shall say no more before the auction ends to protect the seller's reputation. Caveat emptor! Buyer beware!

The rear end looks remarkably like a Higgins. It is well known that Higgins supplied axles for independent frame builders. At 25" this machine will suit the taller rider.

The following images were borrowed from the eBay auction website, enlarged and sharpened slightly to extend the record of this trike beyond the brief public auction period:


As wonderfully elegant as any thoroughbred racehorse!

This is an unusual way of mounting chainrings. Perhaps it is a triple lacking the outer ring?

Typical Higgins trike gear hanger boss and hanger. The slightly downward sloping, reinforcing loop is unusual to my eyes. These are usually horizontal in those which I have seen.


Cinelli Criterium bars


The pretty Veloce Lady head badge. Not too dissimilar to Higgin's own seat tube badge. Though it should not be on the head tube if it is a genuine Higgins! She should be more modestly situated on the seat tube.

Typical trike, hexagonal brake extension bar and brazed on, cantilever fork bosses. The fork crown is elegant and reminds me of a friend's all chrome, Cinelli Piste of the early 60s.


Typical Higgins rear end and chainstays? It all looks identical to my own Ultralite.


A pretty, pierced lug.


This looks very like any other Higgins rear end to me.

The "Veloce" trike eventually sold for £295 to a new bidder. A good price for a sought after, larger, gent's Higgins 'Ultralite'. Congratulations to the winner.

After some learned discussion (He not me) I remain convinced that this was just a large Higgins which had been repainted. Since the owner could not source a genuine Higgins badge they cleverly chose to use something remarkably similar: A 'Veloce Lady' transfer available from the Velocette Owner's Club. The IOM source and motorcycle connotations did not go unnoticed. The lady is equally scantily clad but she is not the correct lady and not even in the right place!  Or, to horribly misquote the popular joke at the lady's expense: Nice lugs! Shame about the face. ;-)

Unless it has been ground off, or the forks swapped for another, the Higgins serial number should be stamped under the bottom bracket shell and/or on the steerer tube. If a number appears in either place then Chris Hewitt can tell you the year of manufacture and quite possibly other details if the trike has been previously registered with him. Or the new owner can simply order his "Higgins Register" for the list and details about several hundred Higgins trikes and bikes: Chris Hewitt's contact telephone number and home address are in the link which follows: (he does not maintain a contact email address or website)

If you know an alternative explanation for a fine trike, by a previously unknown maker, do please leave a message. Or get in touch by email:  chris. b at smilemail . dk  (Join the dots)

I wonder if this green trike could be a repainted Jack Taylor or Bob Jackson? [Warning 450kB image!]


Note the down-turned rear axle loop, elegant fork crown and long, pointed, perforated lugs! The plot thickens! :-) 

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  1. I don't think those forks are from Higgins, they look quite modern.. Of all the Higgins trikes I have seen, not one came without a lugged fork crown.

  2. Hi log

    The history of this machine is unclear.
    Even down to its true identity.
    Try not to have sleepless nights. ;-)