19 Sep 2014

19th September 2014

Friday 19th 59F, 15C, a bit cloudy, windy and sunny periods. Fine weather forecast again. Just another day in tricycling paradise. The same holds true for walking. A walk seems to fix my odd aches and pains. Probably because it uses different muscles. Which confuses my tiny brain and it forgets to feel the damage caused by the tri-cycling. I started the day with what I call my sciatic pain and my knees were a bit tender too. A couple of miles on foot and I feel fine already. Where shall we go today?

I saw this huge tractor on what passes for a main road in these here parts. It was using the cycle lane for its nearside wheels but still reached the middle of the road. I'm not very sure of the legality of deliberately driving along a cycle lane. Even if it does improve traffic flow. What would they say if a cyclist was foolish enough to ride along the road in the traffic lane? Sadly the beast was moving too fast for me to stop to take a head-on picture. I had just exited the nearby junction so had no chance for a decent picture. For all my criticism of the misdemeanors of the farming community I still have a child-like admiration for their over-sized toys. 

Note the unusually generous width and surface quality of the cycle lane. A cynic would say this was to cater for the farming traffic. It's still not much fun riding along here despite the pretty trees along both sides. Traffic noise is absolutely horrendous and there are almost always drivers intimidating the few cyclists by driving close to, or even over the white line. I presume they were bullies in infant's school and retained a taste for it. This road runs almost parallel with the Fynsk motorway for many miles. Giving the residents the best of both worlds.

Here is a picture of a pig's muck spreader on a very long 4" hose. The hose leads back to a huge shipping container with a large diesel-engined pump at the far end of the field. The container was being refilled at 10 minute intervals by large, tractor-drawn tankers from the farms around. The smell was awful but the technology fascinating. The hose on the drum must have been over half a mile long and was reeled in and out automatically as the machine moved. The cab could be power rotated 180 degrees to allow the driver to travel comfortably both backwards and forwards. Fortunately the wind was carrying the worst of the stink away. I had to wait ages to capture the beast in silhouette at the top of the hill. Fire breathing dragon and predatory dinosaur all rolled into one.     

My ride was accompanied at first by a cross tailwind. At times it felt like a 20mph headwind as my speed dropped to 15mph and at others I was doing 25mph and could still feel a headwind. Coming back I was brushed on a long straight by an infant moron on an illegally tuned scooter. Later a woman driver tried to run me over on a mini-roundabout. Let me know when I start having fun and I'll put on a party hat. Only 15 miles.

Saturday 20th 53F, 12C, brightening to another sunny day. Very low wind speeds are a rare offering from the weather gods.

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