1 Oct 2014

1st October 2014

Wednesday 1st 57-60F, 14-16C, misty, heavy overcast, damp, with light winds forecast. It is supposed to brighten up later. Better start the day with a walk. It tried to rain briefly but soon cleared up again. Warm enough for just a T-shirt. The sun broke through towards the end.

Lots of small birds dashing about on the fields and in the trees and hedges. Mostly chaffinches and goldfinches or sparrows. I tried to tip-toe past the lake because there were at least 100 female ducks on the water. I was almost past when one of them panicked and they all took off at once!  That'll teach them to laugh! 3.5 miles.

I left my ride until after morning coffee. Very light wind with some weak sunshine. The windmills were mostly stationary. I was going reasonably well. Tidied the trike shed after lunch. It needed it! Mr Higgins is now hanging upside down without his wheels to avoid taking up so much room. It only takes moments to be roadworthy again. Plus pumping the tyres up with the track pump of course. Still only a couple of minutes work. 16 miles.

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