1 Feb 2015

1st February 2015

Sunday 1st 30-34F, -1+1C, light breeze, heavy overcast, snowing! I had a walk up to the distant woods and back along the road as the snow went from occasional flakes to moderate snowfall. Hundreds of rooks foraging at the moment. They are easily recognised by their long, off-white beaks. I disturbed a tree full of Fieldfares.

By the time I went for a ride it was snowing hard. With a 2 o'clock cross headwind I was soon plastered and half blinded despite the yellow lens sunglasses. I should have taken the TA cap for its peak for more protection. Even the trike was completely covered in snow as I came out of the supermarket.

The definition of a special offer in a Danish supermarket: Take this normal stock item off the shelf and hide it in the warehouse. Then, when the special offer period is over, bring it back out again and put hundreds on display at full price! Welcome to the twilight zone of Danish retail monopoly.

It had stopped snowing by the time I headed for home but the wind was increasing and turning from a cross to a headwind. Not particularly energetic today despite cruising at 20 mph for a few miles on the aero bars. I shall definitely have to do something about that saddle! Only 16 miles.