27 Nov 2014

27th November 2014

Thursday 27th 34-39F, 1-4C,  quite windy at times, mostly sunny. Still snotty with headaches and a feeling of pressure in my sinuses. Went for a walk. There was a really cold headwind on my way to the shops. Wore the thicker GripGrab Pilot cap for the first time this winter. It covers the ears better and doesn't roar in the ears quite so much as the lighter scull caps. The new boots are comfortable and neutrally warm without overheating.

The new Durano tyres have arrived in very quick time from Germany. [bike-components.de] In 700x25C. NOT the Plus model. I shall fit them later today and clean some of the crud of the trike. The roads are filthy from the farmer's usual activities and Christmas tree harvesting. I have been too close to agricultural sprayers twice in the last week! It smelt strongly of oil paint thinners both times. 19 miles.