22 Oct 2014

22 October 2014

Wednesday 22nd 42-52F, 6-11C, sunny, cool, misty, quiet start to a gorgeous day. A delightful 3 mile walk snapping away at the landscape while the mist hung about on low ground. [Actually I compose each picture carefully but do take rather a lot of pictures.] The forecast is dry with light winds so I really ought to have a longer ride today. The north westerly wind is moving the trees now but it shouldn't limit progress too much if I choose my direction carefully.

Lots of different birds around at the moment. Often foraging in mixed flocks. Redwings, Chaffinches, Yellowhammers, Blackbirds and Sparrows are all common sights. I saw a thrush yesterday which is a very rare sight indeed!

Rode down to Falsled on the south coast. I was heading for FĂ„borg but decided to avoid the traffic and enjoy the quiet rural lanes instead. Lots of nice hills going both ways by two different routes. I was using the small chainring quite a lot to keep my cadence high. Early sunshine gave way to rather a lot of grey cloud later. It started spitting on the way back but petered out again. I had taken overshoes and a change of jackets but never needed them.

The Crapeye 'Cadence' computer was having another off day. I tried polishing the contacts with my glove but it can never be relied on to make it work again.

The head has to be rocked to close a switch via a pin on the back to change between screens. So simply waggling the head in the shoe, to make better contact, is highly likely to cancel the day's mileage total. [It needs a long press to cancel any screen total]

They probably thought it was a bright idea but it was very badly executed. I have never had any other computer behave so erratically. Not even the £5 throwaway jobs at the supermarket.

The Crapeye contact pins seem to corrode too readily when the slightest bit damp. They go visibly chalky! Being on the bottom the pins naturally collect moisture even the lightest rain or mist. Which is just daft at the asking price. There is nothing worse than glancing down to check your speed and seeing the damned screen showing 00.00!

I hate the mileage digits too. Tiny, tall and thin so it impossible to differentiate between 0 and 8 except in a good light with a magnifying glass! The cadence reading has stopped working at all now. Probably another contact problem. More overpriced, over-hyped, cycle accessory crap! 40 miles. Which I could only check when I finally arrived home when I downloaded  the Ventus GPS USB dongle. The Crapeye had stopped showing readings at intervals all day. Just as it always has done from new. It's a damned good job I don't have to rely on it!

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